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Soil and Water

Conservation Society

Past Awards Events

2018 Awards Luncheon

2018 awards recipients from the HHB-SWCS Chapter

2017 Awards Luncheon

2017 awards recipients from the HHB-SWCS Chapter

2016 Awards Luncheon

2016 awards recipients from the HHB-SWCS Chapter

2015 Awards Luncheon

2015 awards recipients from the HHB-SWCS Chapter

2014 Awards Luncheon

2014 awards recipients from the HHB-SWCS Chapter

2013 Awards Luncheon

2013 awards recipients from the HHB-SWCS Chapter

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2021 Annual Awards Banquet and Luncheon

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requires human capital.  

And, we like to recognize those individuals and organizations who have given more than their fair share of effort towards the cause.

Superior Service 

recognizes sustained, outstanding service to the Chapter (members only)

Bobby Brock Soil

Health Award

recognizes specific contributions to the Chapter’s soil conservation program (member/non-member eligible)

Professional Achievement in Water Quality

recognizes specific contributions to the Chapter’s water quality program (member/non-member eligible) 

Unit of Government 

recognizes a unit of government for outstanding achievement in, or contribution to, a resource related program (any deserving unit of government is eligible)

Conservation Communicator 

recognizes group or individual for outstanding effort or achievement toward goals of the Chapter (member/non-member eligible)

Conservation Steward (Outstanding Layman) 

recognizes special efforts toward the Chapter’s goals by one not regularly employed in a resource related field (member/non-member eligible)

Conservation Business (Industrial) 

recognizes a private business or industry for excellence in industry resource management (any deserving business eligible)


recognizes an individual or group that has made outstanding achievement in areas that support the objectives of the Chapter (any deserving group, individual, or organization eligible) 

Natural Resource Enhancement 

recognizes a group or individual who had made significant contributions to natural resource enhancement (member/nonmember/or group eligible)

The Hugh Hammond Bennett Chapter provides the following awards...

Award Categories
The members of the Hugh Hammond Bennett Chapter are a special bunch...

Over the years, many of our Chapter members have been recognized by the International Soil & Water Conservation Society for their outstanding contributions to the goals and objectives of the Society.  Following is a listing, as compiled by Jim Canterberry and Jim Ellis.

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